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We FFC has developed Fermented Plant Extract(FPE) using various kinds of fresh fruits and vegetables. The fermentation term is over 3 years!

A lot of fermented food has been developed in Japan, such as sake (rice wine), miso, soy sauce, natto (fermented soy beans) and a variety of pickles. It is said that Japanese food culture to eat these  fermented food is the reason of Japan's longevity. This is why FFC focused on fermented food and started to make FPE.

Fermented food is highly nutritious and good for digestion absorption because beneficial microorganisms and organic compounds such as essential amino acid are produced in the process of fermentation. And, it helps to increase positive bacteria in your gut and keep or improve your intestinal condition. By  improving intestinal condition, your immune  system will be strengthened.

Examples of Japanese fermented food




soy sauce

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